According to CCTV News, as a new round of conflict between Palestine and Israel continues, the number of casualties on both sides continues to rise. As of the 16th local time, the conflict has resulted in over 4200 deaths on both sides.The Palestinian Ministry of Health stated that as of 20:00 local time on the 16th, the current round of Palestinian-Israeli conflict has resulted in 2837 deaths and over 11250 injuries on the Palestinian side. According to reports from Israeli media, as of the evening of the 15th, at least 1400 people have died in Israel.

On the 16th local time, the United Nations Security Council voted on a humanitarian draft resolution proposed by Russia on the Palestinian Israeli issue. China's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, stated in his explanatory remarks after the vote that the new round of conflict between Palestine and Israel continues to escalate, which has led to large-scale civilian casualties and humanitarian crises, and its spillover effects are also impacting regional peace and stability. China is deeply concerned about this. China calls for a ceasefire and an end to the war as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration of the situation.

The backlog of ships in Israeli ports is increasing! War insurance premiums skyrocket

According to foreign media reports, according to data sources, the backlog of ships at Israeli ports is increasing, and most port operations are still continuing as the military prepares to launch ground attacks in the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip.

Israel is facing heavy rocket attacks, including in the southern part of the country, which has prompted the closure of the smaller port of Ashkelon, which is the closest pier to Gaza. Ashdod Port has imposed restrictions on the transportation of dangerous goods, which means that the transportation speed is slower.

MarineTraffic data shows that at least three cargo and dry bulk ships carrying goods to Ashdod are parked in nearby waters, while the other three ships, including an oil tanker and a container ship, are heading to the port. At the same time, there are currently about 13 ships - including cargo, container, and dry bulk carriers - anchored in Ashdod Port.

Other data shows that at least three fully loaded dry bulk carriers are waiting near Haifa in northern Israel. Haifa and Ashdod are the largest and most important ports in Israel.

Industry sources say that since the attack last week, maritime war insurance rates have skyrocketed more than tenfold, and some insurers are reviewing Ashdod's insurance terms, although Haifa has not yet been affected.

Recently, EVA Shipping announced that its 1778TEU "Every Cosy" vessel had encountered force majeure and was unable to stop at Ashdod Port in Israel as planned, and had to divert to Haifa. The company stated that the situation was beyond its control, and all goods shipped to Ashdod had been unloaded in Haifa, adding: "Thereafter, the main transportation contract is deemed terminated, and all responsibilities of the carrier will be terminated

The company informed the customer, "In order to protect your interests and minimize your costs, we sincerely recommend that you pick up the goods at Haifa Port as soon as possible. If necessary, we suggest that you contact the freight insurance company for assistance

Maersk, MSC, Herbrot, ONE, ZIM and others have released the latest announcements

On October 16th, Maersk issued an updated announcement that reservations for round-trip flights to and from Israel continue to be accepted. However, for dangerous goods, both Haifa Port and Ashdod Port impose restrictions on specific items.

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Update Announcement: Currently, major ports in Israel continue to operate, including the main terminals in Ashdod and Haifa. However, due to increased security checks and labor shortages, Ashdod is currently experiencing congestion, resulting in increased waiting times.

Therefore, bookings to and from Israel will continue to be accepted, and goods already booked to and from the country will be provided as planned. However, some dangerous goods (DG) cannot be released at Ashdod Port, so it is currently not possible to create new bookings for restricted DG cargo. If the affected goods are already in transit, we will develop emergency plans to unload them at other locations, and we will keep customers informed of any changes in their destination.

Herbert released the latest update on the situation in Israel. For Ashdod and Haifa, the port has implemented restrictions on accepting dangerous goods, so we no longer accept booking of dangerous goods between Ashdod and Haifa.

On October 16th, ONE announced that after the ongoing situation in Israel, we can confirm that our designated agent in Israel will continue to operate. Our offices in Haifa and Ashdod operate within the current security restrictions, and all employees are safe and secure. Customers can contact their usual ONE representative via email or phone.

ZIM has issued a notice to continue operations and accept bookings to and from Israel, imposing new war risk premiums on relevant goods at cost prices.

Reminder once again, the risks faced by commercial ships related to Israel are increasing. Although ports are open, logistics and transportation congestion and delays are inevitable! Recently, there have been freight forwarders and shippers involved in the goods of these two countries. Please keep an eye on the latest situation! Forward to Zhou Zhi~