Due to global warming and persistent drought, the Panama Canal is facing severe drought and congestion. COSCO has issued this notice, please be aware.

Dear Valued Customers:

Because of global warming and continueddrought, Panama Canal is experiencing severe situationof low water and congestion,whichwillnotbeeased withinshort period.

Draft restrictions releasedby Panama Canal Authorityhavelimited the number of daily vessel transits through Panama Canal, and willcontinuetoreduceeffective capacity ofcontainervessels.

With the increase of the turnaround time as well as the Canal Tariff implemented, operation cost of ACA services crossing the Panama Canal will be increased substantially. 

To recover extra expenses as well as ensure the service quality, COSCO Shipping Lines will adjust Panama Canal Charge (PNC), starting January 1, 2024 asfollows:

USD 150.00/20' container
USD 300.00/40' container
USD 300.00/45' container

Origin: Far East, including China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, South Asia, etc

Destination: Panama, Jamaica, Colombia (Cartagena/Barranquilla/Santa Marta), Dominican Republic, Hondruas(Puerto Cortes), Guatemala(Puerto Barrios), Costa Rica(Puerto Limon/Moin), Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Guyana, Suriname, Mexico(Altamira/Veracruz)

Thank you for your kind understanding and continuous support. Shouldyouhaveanyquestions, please contact your local sales representative.