Marine Transportation
Marine Transportation
Relying on an experienced operation team and a strong and perfect network at home and abroad, Shengrui Zhicheng international logistics has conducted a comprehensive analysis according to the different needs of customers, designed perfect logistics solutions and careful response measures, supplemented by overall coordination and on-the-spot supervision, and accumulated quite rich practical experience. Logistics services include a variety of transportation modes such as sea transportation and inland rivers, as well as additional services such as domestic and foreign customs clearance, whole process real-time monitoring and destination delivery, so as to ensure that all work is completed in the safest and most economical way and reduce customers' logistics costs to the greatest extent.
We can provide you with:
1. Booking agent platform of several ship owners, direct and rapid booking channel;
2. Advantageous freight rates with strong market competitiveness
3. Professional operation team and customers analyze each step of the process, put forward effective plans, and ensure the accuracy and foresight of each process;
4. Safe and reliable inland transportation services in China, including standard container transportation and special container transportation
5. Professional and efficient customs clearance and commodity inspection ability; Provide customs affairs consultation and product name pre classification services; If you need, we can help you apply for certificate of origin, form a and provide services such as loading supervision and SGS testing
6. With rich DDP EXW experience and strong overseas network, it seamlessly connects domestic and foreign shipping and air transportation services, as well as supporting LCL, warehousing, land transportation trailer, customs declaration and inspection agency, import and export trade agency and other services. At the same time, we provide customers with a complete set of logistics and transportation services such as customs clearance and delivery from the port of destination to the door. Reduce goods transfer links, reduce goods damage, faster speed and lower cost
7. Myshipping power system allows customers to know the dynamics of goods at any time
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